I Miss You

It's not such a bad thing, even though it feels crappy most of the time...missing someone that is. The longing, the yearning, the desperate need to be in their presence...it all makes life seem so incomplete and hopeless at times...but consider that if you have someone to miss, it means that you have someone to …



It's all in your head...even if you're insignificant, you'll find reason to believe that there's more to it than there is...because that is the nature of the fool within...


Do what you love, and follow your life's passion, because like they say, those that mind don't matter, and those that matter, won't mind. And if you tell yourself that for long enough, you'll eventually believe it.

Miss Perfect?

If we found the perfect partner to marry, what will there be for us to aspire to in our marriage and lives together since everything would already be in place?

The Allure of a Real Woman

She's a scarce commodity...too scarce to ever be taken for granted, if indeed you're fortunate enough to find one. And if you do, you'll notice that she can capture your heart and warm your soul without uttering a word. The depth of her passion that flits through her eyes will enchant you until you ache …