About The Whisperer

My blog isn’t a true reflection of who I am. It only reflects some light on the darkness that lurks within me. It reflects my struggles for purpose and understanding. It reflects hints of my passion. It reflects suggestions of who I am and who I yearn to be. But it is not entirely me.

I’m a man. An ordinary and somewhat grounded human being who is old fashioned by nature, sincere with intent, and terribly flawed. I am a father, divorcee, son, and recently self-employed writer and digital consultant. I desperately seek to understand the balance in life, with a specific appreciation for the laws of cause and effect.10428627_801027499964746_1515925326935147126_n

I used to be an IT professional by trade, and a generalist by choice, but have chosen to exit the corporate rat race in favour of starting up my own consulting busines, and hopefully spending more time writing that elusive book. Suffice to say that I focus on creating order out of chaos. I’m most intrigued by the human psyche, while I struggle to find a balance between my idealism, naivety and pragmatism. However, I am very much the realist to the point of pessimism at times, but never do I subscribe to hopelessness or despair. That’s far too common a trait to appeal to me.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1971, and have lived here my entire life, with a few extended stays in Arabia, Cape Town and Tunis. The school of life has taught me everything I know, with academic pursuits lacking any attraction except where a meaningful application of such knowledge was clearly evident. My writing is a creative outlet that allows me to vent, or theorise about the quirks of my character, or life, or both.

My pursuit to grasp the logical relationships between seemingly independent entities or realms of life has often led me to find enchantment in places most find mundane, insignificant, or boring. There are no bad people in this world, just weak ones. But that is the subject of another post altogether.

I hope you find my ramblings of value, if not wholesome, then at least mildly entertaining.

P.S. Photos are mine unless specifically stated so. I am not a health professional by any definition of the modern standard, so any health advice provided on my blog is based entirely on my own experiences, observations, and ad hoc research and is not intended to replace the advice sought from certified professionals.

P.P.S. Header images are always my own, with my favourite being the flower at the side of the road. A scene most ignore, and one that I would have missed had I not chosen to stop randomly on the road while driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I do this as often as I can, because the open road echoes both my eagerness to discover, as well as my need to breathe.


13 Replies to “About The Whisperer”

  1. “I hope you find my ramblings of value, if not wholesome, then at least mildly entertaining.”
    Actually, this post alone is RATHER entertaining.
    Your choice of words journeyed me to a place I’ve always dreamt of but have not figured out what and where it could be. Love it! 🙂


      1. Yeas! I need some time to sit down for real and digest your thoughts over cups and cups of coffee. I have just browsed over the titles. It would kill me just reading them literally. I feel like reading beyond the lines then matching them with theories and principles. Hahahaha. Missing graduate school classroom. 💐🍰☕️


      2. No worries. I’ll clear my brain from any sort of bias. Will document the caffeine intake while and after reading. 🙂

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