Fleeting Thoughts (III)

[image: a collection of various koi and goldfish species in my pond at home] 

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, it never ends well.

Don’t take for granted those that show a sincere interest in your well being, there are not many of them in this world.

Reciprocate the good that people do for you and ignore the bad. The bad is a reflection of their bitterness from betrayal, while the good is a hint at what they invested in before being betrayed.

Betrayal doesn’t define your value, it only ever defines the weakness of the betrayer.

Weakness is an opportunity to acquire a new skill or perspective, while strength is a common source for arrogance and insensitivity.

Compassion wears thin when faced with an onslaught of human tragedy. Choose your tragedies carefully because there is too much misery in the world to do justice to every cause.

Justice is subjective, so don’t assume that your perspective of fairness is the only correct perspective. Choose your points of reference carefully.

Perspective is tainted by bias, and vested interest. Be sure you know what your biases and vested interests are before advising others.

Don’t play people unless you want to be played. If you do play them, be sure they’re not already playing you instead.

Trust, but not blindly. Giving others the benefit of the doubt should not be at the expense of your well being.

Naivety is only cute as long as it does not deny others your contribution in their life over which they have a right. If you choose to be naïve, be sure that you are the only one that pays the price that accompanies such an innocent approach to life.

Contribute with the objective of adding value, even if that value is taken for granted by those who benefit from it.

Ingratitude is not always a lack of appreciation. Sometimes it is a resistance to appearing weak or needy for one that is struggling to stand on their own.

Demanding gratitude is arrogance, and withholding benefit in the absence of gratitude is arrogance.

Circumstances only ever define your circumstance. How you respond to it determines your self-worth and your credibility with others.

Mindfulness is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of purpose.

Live each moment with purpose, and mindfulness will take care of itself.


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