Fleeting Thoughts (Take II)

Flirt with fate and abandon your fears. Living safely cheats life, while flirting with fate cheats death.

We may not be able to delay the time of our death, but we can delay the decline of our lives. It’s only through abandoning fear and embracing life that we can ever hope to truly live our own experiences.

We go through life living the experiences dictated by others and forget that we’ve neglected ourselves in the process.

There’s a fine line between sensibility and recklessness. Crossing it requires an absence of logic and reason.

Logic and reason only get in the way of a life well-lived if it’s cloaked in fear. So abandon fear, and instead, live with passion and a love for life.

Don’t confuse your love for this world with a love for life. The two are distinctly different and mutually exclusive.

Loving this world stifles your soul, and if the soul be the seat of life, then abandon that which harms it.


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