Ya Ayyuhal Insaan

Yaa Ayyuhal Innsaanu Maa Gharraka Bi Rabbikal Kareem?

“Oh forgetful mankind, what has distracted you from your Generous Lord?” (Quran 82:6)

Incidentally, this is a verse that resounds in my head at the most unexpected times very often.


6 Replies to “Ya Ayyuhal Insaan”

  1. Have been following your blogs on Tumblr – you seem inspired to share an avalanche of thoughts of late 🙂 … it’s good to see you so active in thought and writing.


    1. How dare you follow me on Tumblr without making yourself known to me! 🙂 Seriously, would love to know which blog is yours. Problem is, I’ve only been able to muster up random thoughts and no meaningful posts recently. 😦


      1. Welcome to my world! No sooner do I have a speck of random thought…and feel strongly enough to jot it down…does the entirety of it fade on me…leaving me wondering whether it’s worth writing it down. I once read somewhere something to the effect of “writing is my way of being lonely”…I wonder how much of what one writes comes out of a deep desire to add value (and not add noise to the ether as you put it) versus just finding a companionship in being able to express oneself – if only that companionship be with self! 🙂

        I don’t blog on tumblr – not yet – am not convinced that I have anything to say really.

        But I enjoy your insights…and the rawness of expression that smacks of truth and humor.


      2. I’m sure you have much to share…and you’re the first person to pick up on my odd sense of humour, or at least make mention of it. So it’s not completely lost then. 🙂


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